T-Type High Temp Dense Phase Conveyor

A dense phase conveyor for moving high temperature powders and materials, up to 450°F.

The Klein T-Type high temperature transporters are designed to serve two unique functions: 

  1. Move high temperature bulk materials, such as sand from reclamation systems, with product temperatures up to 450° F.
  2. Move products using Klein’s unique PLUG FLO® Dense Phase technology that minimizes material degradation and elbow maintenance. Unlike other dense phase systems, Klein’s system uses smart technology to prevent line purges unless initiated by a cycle change or user input. This saves expensive compressed air and minimized material degradation and elbow wear. 


  • Capable of moving high temperature materials and abrasive materials. 
  • Smart PLUG FLO® technology prevents line purges after each conveying batch.
  • Compressed air usage is 20-40% less than standard dense phase systems. 
  • To control operation, material level and vessel pressure are directly monitored.
  • Manual and automatic operation is possible, making the Type-T transporter adaptable to all operating requirements.
  • No moving parts in the product stream, resulting in negligible wear of parts and low maintenance requirements.

Common Applications:

  • Sand Reclamation Transport
  • Foundry Sand Reclaim Conveyor
  • Hot Granular Products
  • High Temperature Chemicals

Convey up to 30 Tons Per Hour (TPH) efficiently and cleanly using low-velocity conveying speeds.