StatorMix® Core Sand Batch Mixer

The Core Room Mixer trusted by the most automated foundries in the World.

The STATORMIX core sand mixer has two mixing chambers, which are separated by a row of stator bars. Each mixing chamber is equipped with a specially shaped rotor blade mounted on, and driven by, a common shaft.

As the rotating blades force the sand back and forth from one mixing chamber, across the stators, into the other mixing chamber, the sand is slowed down every time it passes the stators and then speeds up again, causing division of flow and remixing several times per second. This controlled, forceful movement of the sand across the stators causes the highly efficient and intense mixing of the injected binder with the sand.

The hinged mixer front cover can be opened and moved to the side, making the complete mixing drum freely accessible. The mixing tools can be removed after releasing a bolt. Once removed, they can be easily cleaned outside of the mixer such as in a blasting chamber. 

After the mixing cycle is finished, the sand is completely discharged from the mixer. Almost no sand remains in the mixing drum. Different batches of sand can thus be treated in sequence without cross contamination.


  1. Increase your dog bone strength with less resin
  2. Unique wear resistant lining lasts for years
  3. Achieve consistent sand and resin quality and make better cores
  4. Accurate and reliable binder dosing system within 0.5% accuracy
  5. Easy to clean and maintain

Unique Features:

  • A cleaver dual zone mixing chamber moves material back and forth and across “stator” pins, which gently roll and shear the sand and binder, making for excellent coating of all sand particles quickly and gently.
  • The mixing blades are uniquely shaped and can reach all corners of the internal mixing drum, so cleanout is automatic.
  • The mixer can be programmed to continuously self-clean, by using air nozzles and also cycling dry sand in the mixing chamber prior to adding resins.

StatorMix Mixer Installation

StatorMix Mixer