S-Type Pneumatic Dense Phase Conveyor

A dense phase conveyor for moving powders and fine grained materials with a high percentage of dust.

Unlike conventional dense phase transporters, the Klein S-Type transporters lower operating costs using superior pneumatic controls and low air volumes. The pipeline can be constantly fed and kept full during normal operation, minimizing energy and minimizing pipe wear, then purged at the end of a cycle as needed.


  • Several inlet valve types are available for a variety of bulk materials.
  • Inlet valves have a large cross sectional area to minimize fill time of the blow tank
  • To control operation, material level and vessel pressure are directly monitored.
  • Manual and automatic operation is possible, making the Type-S transporter adaptable to all operating requirements.
  • No moving parts in the product stream, resulting in negligible wear of parts and low maintenance requirements.
  • The S-Type transporter is also suitable for conveying bulk materials into pressurized receivers and liquid baths and is available as a metering vessel.

Common Applications:

  • Bentonite Clay
  • Baghouse Dust
  • Additives
  • Fine Sand
  • Premix for Foundry Applications
  • Abrasive Powders

Convey up to 30 Tons Per Hour (TPH) efficiently and cleanly using low-velocity conveying speeds.

S-Type Conveyor

S-Type Schematic