RSK Gravity Heater Cooler

Heat and Cool sand and granular free flowing materials efficiently.

The Klein RSK Heat Exchanger can be used to heat and/or cool sand and other free flowing materials to a desired temperature. Water flows through a series of coils with fins that wind through the material. As the granular material slowly flows by gravity through the dense coil arrangements, heat is efficiently transferred to or from the sand or granular material. Material outlet temperatures are maintained by adjusting the flow of cooling water through the various zones. 


  • High heating or cooling capacity with minimal volume or space requirements.
  • Consistent and controllable outlet temperatures.
  • Flexible operation (water temp control, water flow control, sand flow control)
  • Simple operation and low maintenance.
  • Unit is modular and can be supplied with multiple heating and cooling zones for greater temperature transfer.
  • Contains options for removal or foreign matters using a screener, air classifier and/or magnet separator.

Capacity ranges from 0 – 20 TPH, depending on the unit size and heat exchange coil configuration. 


Type RSK Gravity Sand Heater Cooler