Rail Vehicle Sand Filling Systems

The World leader in Light Rail Transport (LRT) Sand Filling Systems

Leading through innovation and safety, Klein offers two types of Sand Dispensing systems for light rail and locomotive sand filling applications. Each design uses low velocity sand delivery to the dispensers and rail cars to preserve the sand size and quality, as well as protect the operators from harmful silica dust. 

Klein systems automatically deliver brake sand to individual sand dispensing stations with gentle low-velocity conveying methods, which prevent dust formation and eliminates pipe wear. Each dispensing station can then be activated individually, as needed, to quickly fill rail cars with minimal labor. Return air is swept using a unique dust venturi system that protects operators from harmful silica dust. 

Dust from each unit is automatically returned to a central collector for proper disposal and easy maintenance.

kleinSAND.max – “Tall and Skinny!”

kleinSAND.max sand dispensers are cleverly designed to safely fill vehicle sand boxes quickly and automatically. Insert and walk away, then return when the job is complete shortly after. The tall and skinny design saves valuable space and also served as both the sand pressure vessel and support structure. 

kleinSAND.max Advantages:

  • Save Valuable Platform Space
  • Safe, Clean and Automated Operation
  • Available with stationary or suspended, single and double nozzles
  • Twin pipe or Y-shaped models for various ceiling height and volume constraints
  • Inlet head contains a special expansion disc valve for return of dust to the exhaust system
  • Low velocity sand transport into the filling nozzle – less than 0.25 m/s
  • Air is returned to a central collector for safe operation and easy maintenance

BSS2 – “Big Brother”

The BSS2 Series sand dispensers are larger in volume and deliver sand in larger quantities. Big Brother is hard to wear out when filling large amounts of sand into locomotives quickly. Other features are similar to the SAND.max units, except BSS2 has a vessel installed on top to contain the larger volume of sand. 


BSS2 – Big Brother