CST Sand Conditioner

Heats, Cools and removes dust from sand prior to core and mold making.

Control your sand and you control your quality! The Klein CST Sand Conditioner is a compact sand heater/cooler that is commonly used to condition sand to the proper temperature immediately before the mold making or core making process. Depending on the process (cold box, hot box, inorganic, etc.) and the site conditions, it is often beneficial to control the sand temperature and remove any dust. 

Sand Conditioning is especially critical when using inorganic resins, since the reaction time of the resins is greatly affected by temperature.

The CST can be installed above each resin mixer in a dedicated installation (preferred); or as a centralized sand conditioner satisfying several mixing stations with one unit. 


  1. Improve the quality and consistency of your molds and cores with consistent sand temperatures.
  2. Use chill or heated water to maintain the desired sand exit temperature.
  3. Dust removal using fluidization and a positive pressure blower.
  4. Units work in a continuous batch operation, so changes in throughput do not affect outgoing sand temperatures.

Various CST Models: 

  1. Model CST 120 – Capacity up to 4 TPH.
  2. Model CST 50 – Capacity up to 2 TPH.


CST Sand Conditioner

CST Sand Conditioner